Madison's Top Nurses

A few weeks ago Madison Magazine asked me to come to their studio for some portraits of the top nurses in Madison. We were shooting stills and motion, so there was a really tight production schedule and not much time to chit chat. About halfway through the shoot Sarah, the lovely lady in the flight suit, sits down for her stills. In our brief conversation, she offered up a chance to make some more portraits on the helipad. Heli-yes! 

The magazine went to the printer at the end of the week, so just a couple of days later I was walking into the hospital to meet Sarah, again. We wind through the hospital hallways, with mazes of doors and elevators. Just when I thought we were half way there, Sarah opens a door and we're on top of the city. The capitol building straight ahead, lake Mendota to my left - easily the best view I've seen. While I'm trying to take it all in and get ready to shoot, Sarah tells me that there is a tour going on and we can shoot as soon as they're done. Great, I thought, a couple of minutes to get setup, and prioritize the 19 ideas that jumped in my head when that door opened. 

We start to shoot and get 7 or 8 frames in and the call comes in over the radio. The helicopter and team need to go. NOW. I don't have time to breakdown equipment or zip my bag. Just grab everything and run to the hangar. About a minute later, lift off. And that was a wrap. Disappointed that I didn't get to work through all of ideas I had, I was really happy with what I got and the thrill of the experience.